At present, more than 50 of the largest hoteliers, restaurateurs and tour operators, as well as the Municipality of Plovdiv and other municipal structures, enjoy the real benefits of membership:

Protection of economic interests

The association protects and represents the rights and interests of its members at national, regional and local level. Represents its members in regional tourism organizations, the National Tourism Council and the state authorities. Tourism Council of Plovdiv is a member of the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber. Mr. Fratev, MB Chairman, was reelected as Member of the Managing Board of the South Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Municipalities.
The members of the Tourism Council – Plovdiv pay special prices upon signing the contracts with Musicautor and Prophon (more than 50% discount) and are entitled to preferential terms for the use of services by third parties in carrying out their activities.


The members of the Association regularly receive inside information with news about current and upcoming events from the Bulgarian and international tourist market and reports on the activities of the local government in the field of Tourism. The association examines investment needs and intentions, purposefully disseminates information and contacts with potential investors. It also recruits, handles and provides the competent authorities and its members with statistical and operational information on the state of tourism on the territory of the municipality. Last but not least, it helps to build and support the operation of local tourist information offices.

Consultation and training

Tourism Council – Plovdiv Consults its members by organizing workshops and seminars on topical issues with specialists from the country and abroad. Organizes meetings with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign non-profit structures and economic entities, disseminates specialized information on international practices and standards in tourism and market research. The association participates in the development of specialized programs for the development of tourism on the territory of the municipality and assists in their implementation.


One of the main activities of the association is to promote Plovdiv and the region as an attractive tourist destination as well as to promote the activities of its members. The association participates in national tourism fairs and trade fairs and, by popularizing the activities of its members, helps to make useful business contacts between the members of the organization itself.
The Tourism Council of Plovdiv has a well-developed web site. Daily news updates from the tourism sphere are updated. The important information concerning the activity of the Association is administered in Bulgarian and in English. Every new member gets the opportunity to attend all its coordinates on the association’s website and a link to his website. The database is dynamic and allows continuous updating of the information.
In all events where the Tourism Council is an organizer or in which it participates, the association offers the opportunity to advertise its members and the organization.

Young Wine Parade 

The Tourism Council is the main organizer of the Young Wine Parade which is traditional for Plovdiv. It started as a two-day holiday, with 16 participants in 2009, in 6 Renaissance houses, the event is rapidly gaining popularity. Eight years later, in 2017, 36 wineries from all over the country present their production in 15 emblematic locations in the Old Town, including galleries, museums and restaurants. For nine years, the Young Wine Parade has grown to a seven-day festival, with wine producers presenting their produce in a unique format for the world. According to official data, more than 21 000 are visitors who have tasted the Bulgarian young wine only last year. The festival was officially included in the cultural calendar of Plovdiv and in the event calendar of Bulgaria of the Ministry of Tourism.



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Wine & Gourmet Festival 

The Wine and Gourmet Wine Festival is part of the well-established Young Wine Parade and aims to popularize Bulgarian wine and cuisine as well as the development of wine, culinary and cultural tourism by organizing and conducting tasting of wines and dishes in the month May on the territory of the Old Town in Plovdiv. The event started in 2015, and in 2018 the festival recorded a record number of participants and over 8,000 people who visited the event for 2 days. Organized groups of foreign tourists from England, the Netherlands, USA, Japan, Turkey, China and others. as well as Bulgarians from all over the country took part in the tastings of 12 leading culinary and 19 winemakers from all over the country. The event successfully imposes and popularizes the culture of wine and food blending. Tasting starts at 12:00 and lasts until 19:00. In the two days of the festival visitors can get acquainted with the history of Plovdiv and the culture of wine and food.



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“Weekend in Plovdiv”

Tourism Council – Plovdiv launched this new project, which allows residents and guests of the city to touch the magic of the oldest lively city in Europe on 9, 10 and 11 March 2018. The event brought together 37 sites offering discounts between 10% and 50% of residents and guests of the city. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the rich and diverse program of tourist attractions, including 7 hotels, 9 restaurants and 21 cultural centers of the future European Capital of Culture. More than 4,000 visitors took advantage of the promotions of the sites participating in the Defender “Weekend in Plovdiv”. The sites that participated in the Weekend in Plovdiv were awarded in three categories:

– the most welcoming hotel: Intelcoop Hotel

– the most hospitable restaurant: restaurant “Philippopolis”

– the most hospitable cultural center: Natural History Museum – Plovdiv


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