Documents for application in “Tourism Council – Plovdiv”:

  • Formal request-declaration
  • Blank information card

According to the Statute of Association “Tourism Council – Plovdiv”:

Article 9. (1) The Association may be represented by representatives of:

Local government bodies;
Licensed companies from the private and public tourism sector;
Branch organizations in the field of tourism;
Territorial tourism organizations;
Organizations and institutions related to tourism.
(2) The Association is also open to participation of other members – natural and legal persons who accept the objectives of the Association’s Articles of Association and submit the membership fee determined by the General Assembly.

(3) Members shall be admitted on the basis of a request made by them to the Management Board. The request must also contain a declaration that the Statute and objectives of the Association are adopted.

(4) Membership shall be terminated:

unilaterally – with a three-month notice to the Chairman of the Management Board from the expiry of the notice period;
with death or placing under full disability;
with exclusion;
with the termination of the non-profit legal entity;
when dropped out;