TOURISM COUNCIL – PLOVDIV is a non-profit association, established under the Law on Tourism and the Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  • Coordinates interests and actions and activates the initiative of authorities, organizations and companies related to the development of tourism in the respective territory.
  • Assists in the development of local tourism, promotes private initiative, coordinates and regulates relationships in the formation and realization of the tourist product.
  • Develops and conducts local tourism policy, which is part of national policy.
    Ensures unity and coherence of the intentions and actions of the commercial subjects in tourism in the formation and realization of the marketing activity and development of a complex tourist product.


Represents its members in regional tourism organizations, the National Tourism Council and the state authorities.
It participates in the development of a program and specialized programs for the development of tourism on the territory of the municipality and assists in their implementation.
Expresses opinion on local projects and programs concerning tourism.
Carries out joint initiatives, co-operation and co-ordination between the private and public tourism sectors of the respective territory.
Exploring investment needs and intentions, purposeful dissemination of information and contacts with potential investors.
It collects, processes and submits to the competent authorities statistical and operational information on the state of tourism on the territory of the municipality.
Assists in building and facilitating the operation of local tourist information offices.
It protects and represents the rights and interests of tourists at national, regional and local levels, as well as controls the manifestations of unfair competition between them.
Coordinates program activities with organizations in the region and the country, international contacts in the field of tourism and monitors the implementation of international projects and programs on the territory.

The goals and ideas of the Tourism Council – Plovdiv are laid down in its Statute, which is based on general and local legal norms, categories, definitions, established practices, adapted and tested in the real conditions aimed at the cohesion, the unity, the common cause, as well as on the basis of activities related to the long experience of its members.

The Statute of the Tourism Council in Plovdiv is a basic document for the activities of its members. It has been amended and supplemented in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities /paragraph 1, subparagraph 4 / by decision of the General Meeting, held on 22.11.2001. Changes were subsequently made by a decision of the General Meeting held on 20 April 2006 , concerning adjustments in its financial and accounting part, namely the amount of membership fees and additions to the powers of the Management Board.
The corrections in these sections are duly mentioned in this Statute, legally formulated and legalized by decision No. 3279 / 23.05.2006 of the Plovdiv Regional Court, in connection with company case 473/1999, on the grounds of a Protocol of the Association.
The change in the address from the city of Plovdiv, 37 Tsar Boris III Blvd., 8th Pavilion of Plovdiv, Tourist Information Center 1 Central Square,was also made by decision of the General Assembly of 20.04. 2006.

The existence of the mentioned site – which is extremely necessary for the citizens and the guests of the city – is a result of the long-standing and subsequently realized idea of ​​a tourism council, together with the Municipality of Plovdiv. In 2008, In 2008, the Tourist Information Center celebrated two years of successful work since its inception. There are currently three municipal employees and the administrative secretary of the Tourism Council – Plovdiv.

Due to the exceptional authority, the established and established image, the adopted goals and tasks, set forth in the Company’s Articles of Association, the results achieved and according to other significant public figures, members of the TA are 46 companies and legal entities from Plovdiv whose central or regional offices are based in the city. The policy of the association is liberal, oriented towards the achievement of European and international standards and norms, towards the successful prosperity of the city and the region.

THE MISSION OF THE TOURISM COUNCIL – PLOVDIV is to show through appropriate means and ways the advantages of the city and the region as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bulgaria. The realization of this goal is based on the following advantages: cultural and historical heritage, favorable climatic and geographic location, as well as the most important factor – the human potential.

THE POLICY AND STRATEGY OF THE ASSOCIATION are related to the realization of a leading position in the branch, unification of the tourist entities, popularization of the joint activities, participation in new projects and programs, constant work with specialists, experts and consultants, attracting new partners and associates.
The scope of activity defined at the company’s registration is linked to joint initiatives, co-operation and coordination between the private and public tourism sectors.
The Tourism-Plovdiv Council is partnering with governmental and non-governmental organizations, municipalities, associations, associations, clubs, private persons,
The membership mass is constantly expanding, which shows the high efficiency and effectiveness of the actions of the individuals representing the association.
The policies of the Tourism Council in Plovdiv clearly show several key words – integrity, loyalty, tolerance, purposefulness, competitiveness. They also link the realization of goals and ideas, the study of investment needs and intentions, the contact with potential investors, the collection, processing and interpretation of certain information.

The association strives to advocate a policy and strategy based on real purpose-oriented activities for the development of the city, choosing the better and the most innovative. The Tourism-Plovdiv Council examines, seeks and imposes more successful working methods. Through its website and other information systems, it provides information in the field of tourism and requires institutions to provide this information to the public.

It is of great importance for us to turn tourism into a truly implemented government and local policy. That is why the focus is on the opportunities of the country, Plovdiv, the region and the improvement of all the factors that accumulate its development, and subsequently bearing real results and revenues. This is achieved by publicizing and discussing the activities of all persons involved in the creation of local legislation, budgeting, temporary and permanent committees of the Municipality of Plovdiv and others.
Of particular importance is the study of the needs, expectations and attitudes of the population as well as the joint work with experts on the problems, activities, tasks, as well as the ways of solving them, accepting and submitting proposals, defending objectives without compromises the authority and interests of the Plovdiv citizens.
The public commitment of the association is related to the prosperity of the city. The realization of this goal is accomplished through cooperation and control of the local authorities in the implementation of the most important documents: “Strategy and plan for development of tourism on the territory of Plovdiv Municipality 2009-2013”, “Tourism Development Program 2009” and others.

THE PRIORITIES OF THE ASSOCIATION in this regard are aimed at creating a tolerant environment conducive to their realization, as well as at creating a favorable business environment, forming and promoting a new type of relationship, which will attract more investments in the tourist industry.
At the same time, the members of the Tourism Council are aware of the needs of the users of the tourist product. It is imperative to ensure security, stability, in order to mark future sustainable and forward-looking development.

The Tourism-Plovdiv Council would better achieve its policy by attracting new members and adherents to jointly enforce ethical rules in conditions of professional and fair competition. This will attract more investors as well as consumers. It will be reinvested in the region’s population by raising its standard of living. The skills of the cadres will increase, the motivation for work will increase and Plovdiv will become an attractive place to live and work.

THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GLOBAL OBJECTIVES OF NATIONAL LEVEL, unconditionally connected with the national policy, the association realizes through debates, discussions on the national strategy for tourism, projects or programs, as well as participates in workshops and discussions on the amendments in the legislation in the field of tourism and those bound by branches, branches, branches.
In this regard, our members at different levels of government have set their own ideas and views, and the current site is an expression of the will to publicity not only within the organization itself, but also in the field of tourism – local and state structures.
For the citizens and the guests of the city it is important to present the destination as attractive, but also as perspective, sustainable and constantly enriching. The association makes every effort to realize this idea without underestimating its cooperation with other municipalities and tourist regions.

THE REALIZATION OF THE OBJECTIVES AT THE REGIONAL LEVEL The Tourism Council – Plovdiv achieves mainly through its cooperation with the Municipality of Plovdiv, different institutions, interested legal entities and individuals. The association coordinates and regulates the relationships in the formation and realization of the tourist product. It develops and carries out a local tourism policy that is part of national politics. Participates jointly in the implementation of projects and programs, enforces international and European standards in tourism at local level, monitors compliance with regulations and regulations, interacts and participates in discussions, discussions, forums. Some members of the Council of Tourism-Plovdiv in their capacity as municipal councilors and members of the Standing and Temporary Committees of the Municipality of Plovdiv directly participate in the budgeting of the tourist industry, the assertion of the goals and tasks of the association, as well as the interests of the citizens of Plovdiv. They are directly linked to control of spending, program development, registration and effective use of available natural and anthropogenic resources to develop tourism, preserve and protect the environment, develop and reproduce natural resources, preserve, promote and interpret the historical heritage, the material and spiritual culture, the development of the tourist base and the infrastructure, the development and realization of the development plans, their reallocation and reinvestment.
At the same time, the Tourism-Plovdiv Council supports the introduction and observance of standards for the quality of tourist activities – licensing, categorization and others. Stimulates and helps improve the components of the tourist product, admits high educational level and professional competence, introduces modern technologies and know-how in tourism activities, promotes the tourist product at a high level. Everything listed here is realized directly and indirectly through collaboration with specialists and experts conducting research, creation and introduction of high-tech products, innovation in technology, publishing and advertising. The association initiates public discussions in this regard, supports marketing research and media presentation.

Personally, for its members, the Tourism Council – Plovdiv imposes new standards of work, adequate to the constantly changing conditions and the development of technologies, in particular the sector, creates conditions for competition and development, helps to present exhibitions at different levels to the public different methods and practices that are tied to commercial ethics and moral norms, defend their interests and promote a successful image – competitive to the best on the national level.

At the same time, the association also protects the interests of consumers and assists in the observance of their rights.

PARTNERS OF THE ASSOCIATION are the Ministry of Tourism, Plovdiv Municipality, BTC, BHRA, BATA, ETH Host and others.

THE HERITAGE STRUCTURE at the Tourism Council – Plovdiv is organized as follows:

· The supreme governing body is the General Assembly.
· The operating body is the Management Board elected by the General Assembly.
· The controlling body is the Control Board elected by the General Assembly.
· The Association is represented by a Chairman elected by the Management Board.

THE MEMBERSHIP is removed from the anonymity and is presented in the submenu “General Assembly / Members”. Representatives are also mentioned in their sub-menues “Representation of Members”.С